The Spoils of Patriarchy

I was warned about the women who keep the keys to the patriarchy. The women who keep the rules. The ones who tell you to be careful, the ones who remind you of the protocol, even when they hold on to your tongue. Those women who say they must caution you.

Those women who ensure that patriarchy is protected and safe and secure.

The women who stand guard at the doors of institutions that marginalize and undermine women and who tell those of us who struggle in the trenches that our ideas and opinions, our experiences are a lie, a misrepresentation. The women who tell you the truth they want you to write.

Because that one woman gets to sip tea at the foot of the patriarchs. So she gets to eat the crumbs that fall from the table.

I have been told to stay far from those women. To walk around them and try not to encounter them and run like hell when they call your name. Because when they set sight on you. It might be the last of you because they hit hard. They hit to kill.

I have learnt to fight fire with fire. Because you cannot cower, it’s either kill or be killed. The carnage will confirm their lie that women dont get along and they will point to it. Pretending as if it wasnt a war fought for them.

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