Waking Up 

I woke up this morning with a new awareness. Life is this thing, that presents the same face to everyone at 6am and it is how we look back at it that will determine how it will respond for the rest of the day. So today I have to choose lenses to look at life through, perspectives that will help me to understand and know that for the most part I can determine my day.

So today I am choosing clarity and focus.  I am choosing purpose and positivity.  We get to choose and to accept and to know that we have the capacity to impact each day so that in the unfolding it becomes more of what we want it to be.

I choose to be happy about my current choices and realities. I refuse to believe that life is happening to me. Life must be happening for me. Somehow I must have chosen the right thing. I believe that the principle of karma will make sure that things work out in my favour.  I am not afraid for or of tomorrow. Life is unfolding as it should. There are no mistakes.

I walk then into the promise of a new future. Where things will be and look different. Where my choices will be more meaningful.  Where I can live my lifes passion and where I can be purposeful and enthusiastic and excited by the possibility of each new day.  

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