Mind Meandering

There has to be a place from which you navigate life where you get to face your fears and be who you know you are. How do we become who we were meant to be? How do we reconcile people’s expectations of us with who we want or know ourselves to be? 

How do we find our voice and keep it in the face of overwhelming expectations? Its hard to face and navigate change. Its easy to tell people to face their fears. Its easy to dismiss the other persons slow walk to freedom when you imagine yours was a sprint. 

I usually watch how people give at church, some can give a lot others hold their fist tightly and give what little they have, almost in embarrassment. I always feel more for the person who gives a little from a place of sacrifice and despair sometimes. That person who gives knowing that they might not have anything after they have given.  They gave all they had.

Sadly, people dont notice the difference, or very few do. There are some people who are facing life with such deep knowing, from a place of such intense recognition that each gift they give or accept must come with deep personal sacrifice.  They know that opportunity cost, in this dark cold world and they hestitate and wonder and ponder, not just because they are fearful but because they know and appreciate the value of sactifice.  They take on the difficulties of life knowing that when they give the world will not stay the same, they will not be the same.  They know that their perspective changes lives and people and situations and circumstances.  They can see the value of theie sacrifice and they also know the cost.

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