When Your Mind Cant Manage

I wish I could say each day I wake up and walk into my office my mind is assailed with exciting and engaging ideas about how I help to create this wonderful new future that must be created in order to truly be a part of the transformation of my country.  To be honest usually, I am hopeful for the most two days, If you count this in hours it is long, forty eight hours, and that is usually when I ignore the news on the radio and on television and when I don’t read my newspaper.

I read a book once “The beautyful Ones are Not Yet Born” written by Ayi Kwei Armah, it tells the story of Post Independent Ghana just after the overthrow of Kwame Nkrumah and describes a society where black leaders through their actions demonstrate that they are clearly using the public power vested in them for their own personal gain.  The book describes a society where bribery and corruption are the norm and where those who do not become involved in these sorts of activities are scoffed at and scorned because they failed to play the game and essentially are represented as not being successful at life.  The book resonated with me because there was so much hurt and disappointment in it.  The author was able to capture the lost hopes and desperate faith of those people for whom the dream of independence and sovereignty just did not materialize.

What do you do when the people you place your trust in do not live up to your expectations?  Hope cannot die, if it does then we are a people most miserable and desperate.  In order for hope not to die we must choose new looking glasses through which we can see clearer visions of what the future can look like.   How do we avoid becoming cynical and have sarcasm interrupt our conversations and expressions of hope?   Most importantly, how do we teach a generation raised on cynicism  and too little faith to believe in the ideals of nation and people? Sometimes the beauty of life is in the questions and not the answers; I say that with a certain kind of hopeful certainty, I hope it is true.  For despite our absolute lack of faith in our leaders and our political system and the bureaucracy of organizations we must work earnestly towards the achievement of a better country for all of us.   The truth is I have no answers, but I hope that the questions are so wonderfully thought of and articulated that they become their own answers.

I dont know when the beautyful ones will be born, I hope they have been born already, I hope they were born and because we were not paying attention we did not notice. I am interested in finding out, to going beyond the veil of cynicism and sarcasm that keeps us at bay and ask our young people some different kinds of questions, the answer must rest with them.  In the novel the things that are untouched by the filth of corruption in Ghana are those things that came from the sky like sunlight and rain.   The author made it clear that escaping corruption is an impossibility, I hope our young people are taking note of the pickle we find ourselves in as a nation and a people. I hope they thin they can fix it.





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