The Social Justice Ten

So a question people tend to ask me often when they hear me declare my intention to vote, if of course who are you going to vote for.  That would be easy to understand if I voted along family lines, but I don’t.  I am the voter who loses all sense of what else is happening around her, who wants to catch each new item, each breaking story and who engages everyone she meets in conversations about the latest political hot topic.  Exhausting, so for this election my friend Latoya Nugent and myself have been bitten by the same bug, we want to delve some more into the political history and culture, into the voting behaviour and into the manifesto.  Having done that we still had not come up with a formula to figure out who to vote for.  But then after all we hit it, we came up with a plan, it was pretty simple, there were no bells and whistles, it was more like an off the cuff statement someone made and one of us said ‘rhatid a true, which one a di party dem have the team that will advance the issues we care bout’ simple, a formula was arrived at and we tried to use it in different ways.

The issues

  1. Social justice – so we agreed on social justice kinds of issues as being critical to what we do as women who advocate for and advance the sexual and reproductive rights of women.
  2. Economic  empowerment of women and youth
  3. Political and civil rights of young men in particular


The strategy

This was pretty simple, we decided to identify the politicians  contesting the 2016 elections and to examine their posture in the past on issues of women’s and girls rights, LGBT rights and human rights more generally.  We arrived at a list after studied and careful consideration.  Having engaged at different levels and to different degrees we are of the opinion that these  politicians  will be more conscious of social justice issues and will be more likely to support those of us who advance agendas  of justice and change.

  1. Floyd Green
  2. Patricia Duncan Sutherland
  3. Imani Duncan Price
  4. Peter Bunting
  5. Alando Terrelonge
  6. Dayton Campbell
  7. Horace Dalley *
  8. Julian Robinson
  9. Ronald Thwaites *
  10. Lisa Hanna*

1.Floyd Green is likeable and he is easy to talk to.  He is not arrogant and will listen, we have a good feeling about him.

2. Patricia Duncan Sutherland – Authentic and sincere.  She comes across as a woman who loves people and who holds herself accountable.  She feels trustworthy.

3. Imani Duncan Price – One of two women who championed the rights of women while serving as Senators, Kamina Johnson Smith is the other woman.  But Imani has roots in the women’s movement, she has done work and I am sure she will make a difference.

4.  Peter Bunting – seemed too arrogant at the start of his tenure as a Member of Parliament.  But he has found his ‘Achilles Heel’ and so he has stepped it down several notches and is now more willing to learn and ask for help and be engaged.

5. Alando Terrelonge – describes himself  as the champion of lost causes, he sounds like he gets it.  I hope he does get it.

6. Dayton Campbell – Very accessible and a hard worker, he is quite a representative, his loyalty to his constituency must be commended.

7. Horace Dalley – Horace seem like a reasonable man and he is well liked but he needs to do some work in examining his own perspectives on gender and on women in particular.

8. Julian Robinson – Everybody’s favourite politician, he gets it.

9. Ronald Thwaites – my friends of We Change are very proud of Mr. Thwaites they think he has gone through a most dramatic shift and are confident that he has had a ‘balm in Gilead’ moment.  But there are no complaints his new rhetoric speaks volumes to his personal growth.

10. Lisa Hanna – number 10 on the list for a reason.  She is good at being inclusive, but could listen more.


The Social justice ten.









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